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The L&S Mentor Video Library is a collection of previously recorded  Mentoring Hub presentations, and a collection of study and self-care tips and provides a sampling of the types of things you can talk about with a mentor.  

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Anxiety breathing exercise

Triangle breathing, 1 minute

a breathing exercise video to reduce anxiety

One-minute Meditation Exercise

Mini meditations | Get more from your workout

Minors - UC Berkeley L&S Student Perspectives

4 Steps to Success for Transfer Students, L&S GBA 2022

UC Berkeley L&S College Adviser, Torey, shares four steps that new transfer students can take to make the most of their time at Cal and have greater success in their academics.

Thriving at Cal: Strategies for your first semester courses

Golden Bear Orientation (2022): Thriving at Cal: Strategies for your first semester courses

In this session, a panel of faculty, L&S Mentors, and Cal undergrads will share their personal journeys and discuss strategies for thriving at Cal.

“Study Tools and Tips” Workshop

“Study Tools and Tips” Workshop

Patricia from the L&S Grad Mentors Program at UC Berkeley guided our students through study tips and tools for how to stay focused and engaged during virtual learning this semester.