Mentoring Sessions and Groups

As part of their commitment to work-life balance, most of the Mentors are taking some time off this summer.  They'll be back to assist you in the fall.  
If you've been working with Lesdi in the Tackling Incompletes program contact her directly to schedule time to continue your work together.
A graphic that says Hello Summer

To meet with a specific mentor:

1. Check their office hours, and schedule an appointment

2. When an appointment is made, it is booked on your bCalendar.

3. In the 'Description' of your bCalendar, you’ll find the Zoom link.

        ---Make sure that you are signed in to your email address

4. Appointments start on the hour or half-hour.  If you have not arrived within 10 minutes of the start time, your appointment may be cancelled.

Please be considerate of other students trying to get an appointment by:

  • keeping your scheduled appointment,

  • refraining from scheduling multiple appointments w/in a week, and

  • cancelling your appointment in advance if unable to keep it so that the appointment slot is opened for another student.