Tackling Incompletes

Do you currently have outstanding incomplete(s)? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your workload and the prospect of managing your incomplete(s)? Are you looking to make a plan to finish your incomplete(s)? 

Come and meet with an L&S mentor to learn more about our “Taking Incompletes” Mentoring Sequence, where you will receive one-on-one support from an L&S mentor through a guided 3- Step process. This carefully mapped sequence is intended to help you establish goals, draft deadlines and develop a workflow that works for you. Together, you and an L&S mentor will work together to see your incompletes to completion by implementing targeted study strategies, time-management skills and wellness techniques that will help you plan for a more effective and less stressful semester.

Currently, Lesdi is the designated L&S Mentors that will be working with students interested in this mentor sequence. To get started, please go ahead and book an appointment.