Job title: 
L&S Mentor
Plant and Microbial Biology


Eliotte majored in biology (with an unofficial minor in religion) from Reed College in Portland, OR. She then worked at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA. as a research technician for two years. In Fall 2020 Eliotte began her Ph.D. in microbiology in the Plant and Microbial Biology Program (PMB) at UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on individual identity and group interactions of the bacterium Proteus mirabilis.

Mentoring Interests:

  • First generation, low Socio-Economic Status

  • STEM students

  • Applying to Graduate school 

  • Adjusting to college and building community

  • Imposter syndrome, self-care

  • Study habits and time management

What do you enjoy talking about with undergrads? 

College is a marathon and not a sprint, even during finals week! I love to talk about useful study skills and time management to help students feel successful and empowered during their time in college. When I got to college, I felt like I didn’t have the skills to build community, build relationships with professors, find summer opportunities. Now, I have so much advice to give and just want to be a friendly face when check-ins or chats are needed. 

What is one thing you wish you had known as an undergrad?

I had no idea how much my education and the people I met in college would change my life. If you told 18-year-old Eliotte that she would be a biologist, getting a Ph.D. in microbiology, she would have laughed at you!! I ended up here after walking into the most amazing lecture hosted by a professor at my college and it changed my life. Keep yourself open to all opportunities and follow your interests when you’re applying to classes.