Job title: 
L&S Mentor
Performance Studies


Patrícia double majored in Art History and Global Gender Studies at the SUNYBuffalo. She went on to earn her Masters of Arts in Performance Studies from NYU and in  Fall 2018 Patrícia gained acceptance to the PhD program in Performance Studies here at Berkeley. 

Patrícia  is a native speaker of Portuguese and proficient in Spanish.

Mentoring Interests:

  • Underrepresented, first generation, and transfer students
  • Humanities and Interdisciplinary studies
  • Applying to Graduate school
  • Imposter syndrome and adjusting to college life
  • Transition to college life and self-care practices

What do you enjoy talking about with undergrads? 

I think it is super important to talk about how to develop and utilize practical skills that will help in the long run. For example, how to write an email to a professor, how to prepare for office hours, building effective writing skills, how to maintain an academic plan, and when to start interning or planning for graduate school. I’m also happy to talk about the experiences of being an underrepresented student in the university and finding ways to belong and be happy while studying at Cal. Also happy to just have check-ins and chats! 

What is one thing you wish you had known as an undergrad?

As someone who wanted to go to graduate school, I wish I had someone who would’ve told me about programs such as McNair or Mellon Mays that give you training to get into graduate school and conduct research. My school did not have the best mentorship, even in the honors college, for those in the humanities. I had to look for opportunities but being first-generation college student there were many things that I was not aware of.